On The Job Injury Program (OJI)


All employees are directed to report all on-the-job injuries immediately to their supervisor. Supervisors and injured employees should complete the following forms:

1st Report of Injury

If treatment is sought, the prescription and treatment authorization forms must be completed.

Treatment Authorization Form-Please complete these forms only if treatment is sought.

Prescription Form-Please complete these forms only if treatment is sought. 

Once all forms are completed, they should be emailed to Risk Management at [email protected]. Supervisors should then send the employee to a treatment facility with a copy of the Treatment Authorization form (TAF) and rx form. Treatment facility or emergency room will provide employee with a Return to Work Authorization form. Supervisor should email this to Risk Management at [email protected]


  • LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCIES: If an injury is life threatening, call 9-1-1 and have employee transported to nearest emergency room.
  • TIMELY NOTIFICATION: In order to properly direct treatment for all OJI injuries, please see that Risk Management receives written notification of employee injury within 24 hours of the incident.
  • COVERED TREATMENT: Supervisors must tell employee not to use HMO or PPO Medical Insurance Card for On-the-Job Injuries or OJI prescription medications.