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Breakfast Program
Jump Start Your Brain with Breakfast! (Photo courtesy of East Brainerd Elementary Staff)
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Hamilton County School Nutrition Program offers breakfast in 68 of its 71 cafeterias. We are committed to improving the academic performance of students through providing nutritional meals at breakfast.


Why Eat Breakfast?

Research shows that breakfast helps students in many ways, including:

  • Increases energy. When you wake up from sleeping, your body is in "fasting mode". Since it hasn't eaten in several hours, it slows your body down because it doesn't have much fuel. Eating in the morning "breaks the fast"! You will feel more awake, have more energy, and feel better during the day (1).
  • Improves grades. Students who eat breakfast earn higher scores on tests (1-3). This is because you will have an increased attention span, better focus, less absences, and less behavior problems (2,3). You can't just eat breakfast on test day! Eat breakfast every day so that you will learn the material better.
  • Supports healthier eating patterns. Students who eat breakfast at school have improved nutrition, eat more fruits, drink more milk, and consume a wider variety of foods than those who don't eat breakfast OR eat breakfast at home (1,3).
  • Contributes to a healthy weight. People who eat breakfast tend to have a healthier weight (1,3). This is because they feel full in the morning and do not overeat later (1).



What Should I Eat for Breakfast?

The best combination of nutrients at breakfast is carbohydrates for energy, mixed with protein to make you feel full. Milk is a great source of protein at breakfast and is available with every school breakfast. Each carton of milk contributes 1/4 of the protein a 9-13 year-old needs for the whole day! (4) Here are some examples of other carbohydrate & protein combinations available at school:


  • Yogurt with Toast or Graham Crackers
  • Peanut Butter with Toast or Graham Crackers
  • Scrambled Eggs with Toast
  • Cereal with Milk
  • Omelete with Toast
  • Pancake with Sausage


For the full breakfast menu for this month, check out our School Menus & Prices page.




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