The Hamilton County Schools Foundation

The Hamilton County Schools Foundation is the nonprofit partner of Hamilton County Schools. The Foundation's purpose is to support initiatives that go above and beyond the regular school district budget. The budget may be limited, but we believe the possibilities for our students are limitless!

Together with the community, we advocate for great public schools and help secure the resources that our students need to be successful.

We need YOUR help to establish our fund. Find out how you can become a Founding Donor. 

Join us in making a difference today by committing to a one-time or recurring donation in support of our students. Every dollar moves us closer to our goal of achieving opportunity and excellence for ALL!


Why support public schools with private funding?

Investing in public schools is a smart choice. Not only do high quality public schools make a positive impact in students' lives, they also contribute to a better educated community, support economic growth, increase property values, prepare tomorrow’s workforce, and attract and retain talent in our community. When schools flourish, we all benefit.

Why now?

During these challenging times, difficult decisions and cuts to the budget have reduced available funding for innovative programs that drive excellence in public education and set our schools apart. With community support, we can increase resources for our public schools over the long term by developing a strong public-private partnership to provide our youth with incredible opportunities and our community with the highest quality public schools.


Our Initiatives


Phone: (423) 498-7020
Address: 3074 Hickory Valley Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421