Risk Management

The Mission of the Risk Management Department is to encourage the effective management of risk through discussion and a solutions-oriented collaborative action approach in order to advance the vision, mission, and priorities of the Hamilton County Department of Education.

Risk Management conducts activities to help manage the impact of loss or other uncertainty on the organization. The Risk Management Department is responsible for a wide range of risk-related activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Property and casualty insurance programs for the district;
  • Responds to liability claims from members of the public;
  • Oversight and management of On the Job and Student Injury claims;
  • Partnering with staff in schools and other departments to address various insurance questions, investigate accidents, and manage facility use requests;
  • Make safety recommendations to create the safest possible learning and working environment for our students and employees.

Athletic and Student Accidents

Hamilton County Board of Education provides limited insurance coverage for students who may be injured during regular school day activities and for students who may be injured during interscholastic athletics. This insurance is secondary to any personal or group medical insurance coverage. For claims to be considered, all accidents must be reported within 24 hours to the Risk Management Department.


Follow these steps:

1) Complete form within 24 hours of injury: 2023 Student Accident Report...pdf
2)Email to Student Injuries Student Injuries
3) Email to Safety Report Safety Reports

Transportation/Public Liability

The Hamilton County Schools assumes no responsibility for any damage to or loss of personal property from the vehicles while on school property. A vehicle crash between two vehicles while on the property is the sole responsibility of the owner/insured. Hamilton County Schools is not responsible.

More Risk Management information is available on our staff only Employee Hub

Questions about Risk Management?
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