HCDE Department of Federal Programs

Federal Programs: The Federal Programs Team supports schools and departments in the administration and distribution of Title, Priority, and 21st Century funds.  These programs support efforts to increase academic achievement for at-risk students including economically disadvantaged, homeless, immigrant, migrant, and English language learners.

Title I-A-Purpose: Improving academic achievement for economically disadvantaged students.

Title II-A-Purpose: Recruiting, preparing, and training high quality teachers and leaders

Title III-A-Purpose: Supporting language instruction for limited English proficient and immigrant students.

Title I-A Neglected-Purpose: Supporting academic achievement and enrichment of students identified as neglected in designated facilities. 

Title I-D-Purpose: Supporting academic achievement and enrichment of students identified as delinquent in designated facilities. 

Title IV Part A-Purpose: Supporting academic enrichment, improved conditions for learning, and improved use of technology.

Family and Community Partnership: In Hamilton County Schools we believe the key to tomorrows prosperity is in the successful development of each individual child that comes to our schools. The foundation of the child's future starts at home and is nurtured by the community involvement and educationally rich supportive environment. Our mission is to build a broad-based family support that involves the community at large, business and educational resources. Our goal is to invest these resources in the most valuable capital of the future - our students. Hamilton County Schools reflect the diversity that we experience in the Chattanooga Area - 112 different languages are spoken in our homes, parents and students come from 100 different countries. We embrace and welcome the diversity and strive to serve all the parents and communities.

To learn more, please contact:

Angelia Askins, Executive Director of Grants and Federal Programs
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Kimberly Wheeler, Administrative Assistant
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