Homeschool FAQs

What education do I need to homeschool my child or children?

To provide homeschool instruction, you or the person providing instruction must have one of the following: A high school diploma or GED or proper State Department of Education Exemption.

What do I do to start homeschooling my child or children?

You will need to provide notice to the Equity Office by August 1 before the start of each school year of the intent to conduct a homeschool.  Provide the child's birth certificate, social security card, and immunizations.

Submit to the Equity Office the name, number, age, grade level of the child involved, location of the school, curriculum to be offered, proposed hours of instruction, qualifications of the parent/teacher, whether a college preparatory or general course of education will be taught in grades 9-12, and a description of the courses to be taught each year.

Will I need to keep attendance records?

Yes. Four (4) hours per day, 180 days per year.  Attendance forms are available above and on website. Attendance records will need to be turned into the Office of Equity each school year.

Will my child be required to take the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP)?

Yes. Independent homeschool students are required In grades 5 and 7, same state board approved secure standardized test (TCAP) is required of independent homeschool students.

Will I have to pay to have the testing administered?

No, there is no charge if the test is administered by the local school. Students can take the test at a professional testing service at the parent's expense.

Can my child participate in sports and other activities in my school zone?

Yes. A physical will be required along with immunization. You will need to contact the Equity Office for additional information and requirements.

Do I need to notify the Equity Office if I discontinue homeschooling?

Yes, even if the child is returning to a Hamilton County school.

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