A Dog Like Daisy by Kristen O�Donnell Tubb
Posted on 02/10/2021
A Dog Like Daisy by Kristen O�Donnell Tubb

"The upper grade students at DuPont Elementary love the relationship between Daisy and her owner.

Donna Hatmaker, DuPont Elementary


A Dog Like Daisy by Kristen O’Donnell Tub is the Hamilton Book of the Week nominated by DuPont ElementaryMax meets A Dog Called Homeless in this sweet and poignant middle grade novel told from the humorous, thoughtful perspective of a rescued pit bull as she trains to be a service dog for an injured veteran and his family. This middle grade novel is an excellent choice for tween readers in grades 5 to 6, especially during homeschooling. It’s a fun way to keep your child entertained and engaged while not in the classroom.

Editorial Reviews


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From Amazon.com:

“Daisy’s wry comments on human foibles and eccentricities...combine to paint a moving picture of suffering and, ultimately, redemption. Daisy is distinctive and memorable, and this depiction of PTSD is useful, making this a fine, compelling tale.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Avid canine lovers will surely appreciate the intimate look at Daisy’s yearning for purpose. The focus on...service dogs should enlighten readers about the ways our four-legged companions function as more than just pets. A poignant animal tale, and a strong addition to most collections.” (School Library Journal)

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Goals more students reading will address include:

  • Reading improvement will increase the number of students on-track or mastering English language arts 
  • Improve the district ACT score to a district average of 21     
  • Reach the target goal of a 90 percent graduation rate by 2023