This Is a Ball by Beck & Matt Stanton
Posted on 05/06/2020
Photo: This Is a Ball by Beck & Matt Stanton Book Cover

"Kids do go crazy for this book because it calls a block a ball, a monster a princess, a balloon a kite, and other silly things."

Penny Ledbetter, librarian, Lakeside Academy


This Is a Ball by Beck & Matt Stanton is the Hamilton Book of the Week nominated by Lakeside Academy. This Is a Ball, is a boldly absurd spin-off of concept books, and an audacious contrarian invitation for readers to practice deadpan delivery: after all, the picture on the cover clearly shows a cube, not a ball. The page that declares a princess is flying a kite at the beach shows an alien holding a balloon in a city. What is WRONG with this silly book? Kids will demand to know--and all readers will be howling with laughter all along the way.

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"It's a winning bit of interactive silliness that offers insight into the way small changes can have big results where words are concerned."
-Publishers Weekly


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