Making Changes to Benefits

Employees can make changes to their benefit elections during open enrollment. Open enrollment is in October each year with an effective date of January 1st. Or you can make changes up to 30 days after a life event, such as marriage, newborn or loss of other coverage. 

Life Events

A life event can affect your benefits and you are required to notify the Benefits Department within 30 days of the event to add or drop a dependent. 

What is a life status event?
Examples of qualifying life status events are: 

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Legal separation
  • Birth of a child
  • Adoption of a child
  • Death
  • Loss of coverage

How soon must notice be given?
If you have a Life Event, please email Kimberly Eames in the Benefits Department and include your employee ID. Notice must be provided within 30 days of your Life Event. 

What happens if I don't provide notice within 30 days?
You will have to wait until the annual open enrollment period (October) to make changes and the new benefits won't take effect until January 1st of the following year.

Examples of qualifying event documentation include: 

  • Divorce - photocopy of divorce decree page showing date the divorce is final
  • Marriage - photocopy of marriage certificate (not marriage license) and completed Spousal Coverage Affidavit
  • Birth - photocopy of mother's copy of birth certificate
  • Adoption/Legal Custody - court document showing the date the arrangement began
  • Death - photocopy of death certificate
  • Loss of Coverage -Certificate of Credible Coverage from the insurance company or exit letter from employer showing date COVERAGE ended (not date that employment ended).

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