Diversity and Inclusion 


Mission and Vision

Hamilton County Schools' Talent Team will be a trusted partner delivering outstanding customer service and organization development solutions that contribute to the success of Hamilton County Schools through the cultivation, attraction, retention, and development of a talented and diverse workforce so that all students can thrive. 

The Talent Team is committed to increasing the number of teachers of color to ensure that all students have access to effective teachers of color. 
Male Teachers of Color (MTOC)

In Fall 2023, Hamilton County Schools launched its Male Teachers of Color (MTOC) group for male teachers of color in the district. Students in Hamilton County Schools deserve access to diverse teachers who not only look like them, but also provide access to an effective and high-quality teacher who will provide excellent instruction. This is in alignment with the Tennessee State Board of Education policy on Diversity and Inclusion to promote educator diversity. Our goal is to make HCS' teaching population as diverse as the student population it serves by attracting, cultivating, developing and retaining a talented and diverse workforce.  
The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for male educators of color to network, receive support, engage in professional development, and to learn more about upcoming leadership opportunities.
To learn more about MTOC, contact Dr. Cheryl McCray at [email protected]

Hamilton County Schools will launch its inaugural cohort of 
Female Teachers of Color (FemToc) in Fall 2024!

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For more information about Hamilton County Schools'  teacher diversity work, contact Jerica Johnson at [email protected]