Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

Hamilton County Board of Education Policy 6.409

A person has the duty to report suspected child abuse when the following occurs: 

  •  The person has knowledge of (or is called upon to render aid to) a child who is suffering from (or has suffered from) any would, injury, disability, or other physical or mental condition; and the physical or mental condition is of such a nature that it reasonably appears to have been caused by brutality, abuse, neglect caused by a caregiver of the child; or
  • The person has reason to suspect that the child is a victim of sexual abuse regardless of whether the child has suffered a physical injury from the suspected sexual abuse and regardless of whom the perpetrator of the abuse may have been.

How to Report: 

Secure proper medical treatment for student(s), if necessary. Then immediately call:

TN Child Abuse Hotline: 1-855-209-4226 or online at 
(Obtain case #)


Local Law Enforcement
(If out of town, call both local law and Hamilton County law enforcement)
Chattanooga Police Department. (423) 698-2525
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (423) 893-3503

Any school-based employee who reports suspected child abuse must notify the school’s child abuse coordinator (or alternate child abuse coordinator if unavailable) and his or her principal or supervisor and the child abuse coordinator will join the employee in placing the phone call. If neither coordinator is available, the employee must still report to authorities without delay.


  • School Child Abuse Coordinator
  • Principal/Supervisor
  • Chief Talent Officer (if allegations are against school personnel)