Microsoft Outlook App - Android

The Microsoft Outlook app is the recommended way of receiving email on your mobile device.  Follow the instructions below to setup Outlook on Android.  The iOS steps are basically the same.

Download and install the Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play Store.

Outlook app in the Google Play Store

Tap Get Started.

Outlook App - Get Started

The app will find the accounts that you are currently using on your phone.  It is recommended that you use Outlook only for your work email.  If your account doesn't show up, deselect any accounts that do show up and tap Skip.  If your Microsoft Office account shows up, then select it and deselect all others, and then tap Add Account.

 App setup - accounts found

Enter your email address and tap Continue.

Screenshot - enter email address

Enter your email password and tap Sign in.

Screenshot - password

When asked if you would like to add another account now, tap Skip.

Screenshot - Account added - continue

Tap the arrow to read about some of the features of the app.

Screenshot - app features

Congratulations!  You have now completed the setup of the app.

Screenshot - Outlook app inbox

The Focused Inbox

The focused inbox is a feature that divides your emails into two categories - Focused and Other.  The app attempts to determine which emails are most important and puts them in the "focused" category.  The rest go in the "other" category.  You can toggle between the two different categories using the switch at the top.  Some people find that they overlook emails that are assigned the "other" category.  You can turn off this feature by following the steps below.

When viewing your email, tap the three line menu icon in the upper left, and then tap the settings icon.

Screenshot - Outlook app menu

Scroll down to find the option for turning off the focused inbox.

Screenshot - Focused inbox setting