Homebound Instruction Program Guidelines

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Any school-age person enrolled in a Hamilton County school is eligible for homebound instruction provided the following conditions are met:

The student must complete a homebound request form (available below).

A licensed physician must sign the medical form stating that the student is unable to attend school because of pregnancy or a serious health or orthopedic impairment, but will benefit from instruction.  The physician must state that:

The student is expected to be absent from school due to the condition for at least two (2) weeks following the date of certification.

The student has no contagious disease that would endanger the health of the teacher or for which contagious disease precautions (e.g., quarantine) have been taken.

If the student is confined to a hospital and the above conditions are met, instruction will be provided in the hospital and, if necessary, will be continued when the student goes home.

Pregnant students may be approved for up to six (6) weeks of homebound instruction, the dates of which are to be designated by a physician.

If, in the opinion of the physician, a student suffers complications from the pregnancy and is unable to return to class following the expiration of the initial six (6) weeks, the physician may certify the need for up to an additional two (2) weeks of homebound instruction.

The physician may recertify the need for additional homebound instruction in successive increments of not more than two (2) weeks.


The homebound program will consist of three (3) hours of instruction per week by a certified and properly endorsed teacher.


If student receives exceptional education services, homebound will be provided by that department.

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