Dabney Brock & Colby Henderson-Black
Posted on 02/04/2021
Dabney Brock & Colby Henderson-Black

Today’s #HCSHeroes Spotlights are Dabney Brock and Colby Henderson-Black, 5th grade teachers at Normal Park Museum Magnet. Mrs. Brock and Mrs. Henderson-Black are being spotlighted because of the positive light they’ve provided for their students over the last year.

“These two are everything that a parent dreams for their children's teachers to be,” said a parent who wished to remain anonymous. “They lead with kindness and relationship-building, which makes the kids really care about what they may say next. Each student in their class feels like 'the favorite,' which is so sweet because every kid deserves to feel special.”

Despite the challenges of remote learning this year, Mrs. Brock and Mrs. Henderson-Black are still seeing their students make progress. Mrs. Brock believes partnering with parents has been the key to their students’ success.

“I truly believe that my school is performing so well in remote learning because of the support from our families and each other,” said Mrs. Brock. “These parents are a huge part of the students’ success, especially when we are remote. They continue to support learning from home which makes the changes seem less impactful to the students.”

Mrs. Henderson-Black says her priority during the pandemic has been supporting her students’ mental health needs. 

“As a class, we have worked very hard to create an environment that feels safe and stable,” said Mrs. Henderson-Black. “Whether we are meeting together in person or on Zoom, I always want everyone to feel seen and heard. Due to this focus, my class seems to be very comfortable discussing their emotions openly and honestly. It's heartwarming to witness. I know that this will undoubtedly be an unforgettable year for them, so I hope they look back and are able to remember some of the positive moments we shared together.”

Mrs. Brock adds students aren’t the only ones learning important lessons this school year. “[My students] have taught me the importance of a growth mindset and staying positive. We have grown close very quickly over the last few months, and they continue to amaze me each and every day.”

The efforts of our teachers and staff are truly heroic, and we are proud to have people like Mrs. Brock and Mrs. Henderson-Black on our team to support our students!

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