Splintered Series by A.G. Howard
Posted on 01/07/2019
Splintered by A.G. Howard
“Splintered takes you on a journey like never before, intertwining the real and the unreal in such a way that you feel like you are in the story.” - Mari Salter, librarian at Lookout Valley Middle High

The Splintered series by A.G. Howard is the Hamilton book of the week nominated by Mari Salter, the librarian at Lookout Valley Middle High. The series is inspired by Alice in Wonderland with a unique and creative connection to our world through the eyes of a teenage girl. “Make no mistake it is definitely not a remake of the classic,” wrote Salter in her nomination. The book draws you in with rich, colorful characters and lets you get to know them in a very personal way. Splintered is full of action, suspense, romance, and intrigue that keep you wanting more.

“At Lookout Valley Middle/High School we love the enjoyment of experiencing new worlds and different lives through stories,” Salter added. “Many of our readers wish the series were more than a trilogy!”

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This darker, modern update of Alice in Wonderland is more likely to please fans of Tim Burton's film adaptation than those of Lewis Carroll's novel. Alyssa, 16, is a descendant of Alice Liddell, the girl who was Carroll's inspiration for Alice. Her mother lives in a mental institution, and she herself struggles with hearing voices from insects and flowers. Do the women in her family suffer from a curse that can somehow be traced back to the original Alice?

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