Christmas Tapestry by Patricia Polacco
Posted on 02/27/2020
Photo: Cover of Christmas Tapestry by Patricia Polacco

The kids love the surprise ending that reveals the true owner of the tapestry.

Sue Smith, a Librarian at Ooltewah Elementary


Christmas Tapestry is the Hamilton Book of the Week nominated Sue Smith, a Librarian at Ooltewah Elementary. When a bad leak ruins the sacristy wall in his father's church, Jonathan Jefferson Weeks thinks his family's first Christmas Eve service in Detroit will be ruined too. Luckily, he and his father find a beautiful tapestry for sale in a secondhand shop - just the thing to cover the damaged wall and give the church a festive look! But there is more to the tapestry, as they discover when an old Jewish woman who is visiting the church recognizes the lovely old cloth. The tapestry brings together an elderly couple who were separated during World War II.


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“This would be a good book to use when teaching about the Holocaust to young students. This is also an emotional moving story and engaging book to read to any age group.” - Christina Schmitt,


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