Hammering for Freedom by Rita Lorraine Hubbard
Posted on 03/16/2021
Photo: Hammering for Freedom by Rita Lorraine Hubbard

"Students love this story that is from Chattanooga, TN.”

Thrasher Elementary


Hammering for Freedom by Rita Lorraine Hubbard is the Hamilton Book of the Week nominated by Thrasher Elementary School. Born into slavery in Chattanooga, Tennessee, William "Bill" Lewis learned the blacksmith trade as soon as he was old enough to grip a hammer. He proved to be an exceptional blacksmith and earned so much money fixing old tools and creating new ones that he was allowed to keep a little money for himself. With just a few coins in his pocket, Bill set a daring plan in motion: he was determined to free his family.

Editorial Reviews


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Powerful and uplifting; William Lewis should be a household name.”

—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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