Google & Chromebooks

Web services and unlimited cloud storage for HCDE students and teachers.

What is HCDE Google?

HCDE Google is the district's G Suite for Education domain. Google offers its wildly popular G Suite platform to education entities free of charge. With the HCDE Google platform, we're able to provide our teachers and students with unlimited Google Drive storage, access to Google Classroom, and a host of other powerful Google services.

I'm a teacher, how do I get access to my account?
Teacher Google accounts are created the night after the email is created. Please contact the Help Desk to get your account reset.

How do I get account information for students?
Student accounts are updated on a nightly basis from PowerSchool. Just have your Technical Contact submit a Help Desk request and we'll compile a list your the school. We cannot print class-level lists.

I'm a staff member, and when I sign into my account, I get an 'Email is disabled' error message. Help?
That message is normal. It means that email is turned off for staff accounts and, any time Google is directed to Gmail, you will encounter that error. To get around it, just navigate to another Google URL such as or the classic