Middle Schools

Middle School Classroom.

Middle School is the mid-point in a child’s journey of knowledge that will prepare the young learner for high school. Middle school is the beginning point for Future Ready in Hamilton County Schools with 21 middle school programs in excellent traditional schools and theme focused magnet schools.

Future Ready Preps in middle schools provides a new focus to personalize learning to meet every child where they are academically, expose them to a variety of potential career options, and support the social and emotional learning of middle school children. Academic performance in district middle school is the focus with teachers spearheading the instructional and cultural shifts required for a totally new middle school experience.

Helping children SPRINT to success in middle school is the focus. The acronym SPRINT stands for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education; Professional learning; Rich learning experiences; Individualized learning; a Nurturing environment; and access to Technology. The transformation of the middle school experience will be driven by technology with each student having a laptop or tablet to access the wealth of knowledge available electronically.

Middle school career exploration gives young learners a starting point in defining their interests and testing career paths. Future Ready Preps is inspiring children to excel in high school and beyond. School websites will provide a complete list of programs, activities, clubs and special learning opportunities offered at each school. Select the school you would like to know more about on the menu located on the left of the page.

Be prepared for the future with Future Ready Preps available in the middle school experience in Hamilton County Schools.

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