Senior Leadership Team

The Hamilton County Schools Central Office is organized around the Superintendent’s Senior Leadership Team, which is made up of the Deputy Superintendent, six chief officers, one officer, three executive directors, and five community superintendents. These individuals lead the functional areas of the District with a focus on ensuring all students thrive and experience a future without limits.

Dr. Sonia Stewart - Deputy Superintendent
Office: (423) 498-6715

Executive Assistant: Lisa Clements

As Deputy Superintendent for Hamilton County Schools, Dr. Stewart provides leadership and support to the Superintendent’s Senior Leadership Team to ensure the District’s strategic goals and objectives are met. She oversees community superintendents; K-12 learning; social, emotional & academic development; opportunity and access; and communications. She works closely with the Superintendent to coordinate across all departments in the District to continuously support the achievement and postsecondary opportunities for all students

Dr. ParkerDr. Neelie Parker - Chief of Opportunity and Access  
Office: (423) 498-7111

In her role as Chief of Opportunity and Access for Hamilton County Schools, Dr. Parker oversees efforts across the District to make sure all children, especially those who are underserved, are provided the services, supports, opportunities and access needed for them to thrive and reach their full potential

Ms. MoodyShannon Moody - Chief Strategy Officer 
Office: (423) 498-7072
Assistant: Victoria Hales

As Chief Strategy Officer, Ms. Moody supports the development of systems and structures that help drive the vision of Hamilton County Schools. She oversees data and information systems, research, family and community engagement, and school health. The Strategy Team works alongside leaders in supporting students, family, and community and measuring outcomes across the organization.

Dr. DrakeDr. Marsha Drake - Chief Equity Officer 
Office: (423) 498-7022 
Assistant: Alyssa Teal

Dr. Drake serves as the Chief of Equity & Advocacy for Hamilton County Schools. She is responsible for overseeing parent and student advocacy, attendance, homebound, homeless (families in transition), discipline, Title VI and Title IX, alternative school, and virtual school programs. The focus of these departments is to ensure equity and provide a voice for all students and families in Hamilton County Schools.

Dr. Robert Sharpe - Chief Operations Officer 
Office: (423) 498-7023
Assistant: Tamara McKamey

Dr. Robert Sharpe is the Chief Operating Officer for Hamilton County Schools. Dr. Sharpe leads and supports several departments which include District facilities and maintenance, transportation, food service, campus safety, athletics, and long-term capital planning.

Ms. HeutonMary Ellen Heuton, CPA - Chief Financial Officer 
Office: (423) 498-7026
Assistant: Taniia Hymer

As the Chief Financial Officer for Hamilton County Schools, Ms. Heuton leads teams responsible for all aspects of accounting, budgeting, grant management, procurement, and risk management The Finance Division is committed to providing efficient, effective, and compliant financial services and information for our teachers, school district and community leadership, and our community.

Dr. Zac Brown - Chief of Talent
Office: (423) 498-7056

Assistant: Doug Smith

As the Chief of Talent, Dr. Brown leads the Human Resources and Benefits team that is committed to supporting student achievement by recruiting, retaining and developing high quality leaders, teachers, and support staff for our Hamilton County Schools. The team works alongside school leaders to build and support a talented workforce for our students and our community.

Mr. Doremus

Steve Doremus - Communications Officer
Office: (423) 498-7043

Mr. Doremus serves as the District’s Communications Officer, overseeing a team responsible for planning and coordinating strategic communications, internal and external public relations, and media relations activities to enhance stakeholder understanding of Hamilton County Schools’ mission, objectives, services, and activities. The Communications Team manages the District’s media relations, strategic communications, brand strategy, social media, website, videography, photography, and live streaming.

Mr. Freeman

Blake Freeman - Executive Director of Learning
Office: (423) 498-6719

Brittnee Francis

In his role as Executive Director of Learning, Mr. Freeman provides leadership to the Teaching and Learning Office, specifically overseeing the Teaching and Learning Team composed of the K-12 Directors, Future Ready Students Director as well as the Innovation Coordinator, and Fine Arts Lead. The Teaching and Learning Office is responsible for high-quality instructional resources provided to schools as well as professional learning for teachers and leaders around best practices in K-12 instruction. Mr. Freeman also assists in facilitating collaboration, both internally among District offices and Learning Communities as well as business partnerships that support learning initiatives.

Dr. Russell

Dr. Patricia Russell - Executive Director of Social, Emotional & Academic Development
Office: (423) 498-7128
Assistant: Acquila Young

Dr. Russell is the Executive Director of Social, Emotional, and Academic Development for Hamilton County Schools. She oversees school counseling, social work, student success planning, college and career advising, 504’s, and positive school wide behavior support for elementary schools. In her role, she works across district teams to support the implementation of a whole-child approach and the execution of post-secondary goals.

Ms. Evans

Dr. Sarah Evans - Executive Director of Exceptional Education
Office: (423) 498-6778
Assistant:  Shelbi Goble

As the Executive Director of Exceptional Education, Dr. Evans oversees special education services for students with Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) and gifted services. Special education includes initial referrals, reevaluation, academic and behavior supports, and services for students with IEPs.