About Us

Community Forward Schools utilize a comprehensive, tailored approach to provide opportunities and remove barriers to student success. The intentional focus on collaboration and partnerships creates pathways for stakeholders to work together, sharing responsibility for the overall success and wellness of children in Hamilton County.   

Our vision is to ensure that students and families thrive and experience opportunity by design.

Our mission is to remove barriers to learning by assessing strengths and needs, cultivating intentional and collaborative partnerships, and aligning supports to ensure every student, every family, and every neighborhood thrives.  

Our 6 Key Practices:

1. Integrated
Systems of Support
 2. Rigorous
Community-Connected Classrooms
3. Enhanced
Learning Opportunities
6. Personalized
Culture of Belonging,
Safety, & Care
5. Powerful Student &
Family Engagement
6. Collaborative

Shared Power, & Voice


Volunteer or Partnership Opportunities

There are many opportunities for stakeholders to get involved in serving Community Forward Schools:

  • After-school program support
  • Tutoring Opportunities
  • Clubs and extracurricular opportunities
  • Drives (i.e. food and clothing)
  • School beautification projects
  • Stakeholder appreciation events

For additional information please contact Dr. Cait Steward.