Leave of Absence Benefits

Please review our Leave of Absence page for more details. 

Reach out to 
Joy Triplett with LOA benefit related questions. 

If you are on a Leave of Absence and continue to be paid through accumulated Sick Leave during your entire absence,
 your payroll deductions for your Employee Benefit Elections (such as health insurance, vision insurance, etc.) will continue to be deducted from your paycheck. 

If you are on a Leave of Absence and exhaust all accumulated paid leave, but are on Family Medical Leave
 for the duration of your absence, you will be responsible for paying your benefit premiums. If you fail to pay the premiums, your coverage will end. 

If you are on an Extended Unpaid Leave of Absence that does not qualify for, or exhausts your FMLA eligibility,
 you will be dropped from all Employee Benefit Elections on the last day of the month that your Unpaid Leave began. You will receive a COBRA election notice at your home address and you may reinstate your benefits by paying the full cost as indicated on your COBRA election form.

When you return from your leave of absence, please reach out to Joy Triplett to make arrangements to reinstate your benefits. 

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