Kinsey Carpenter- Success through Opportunity- Choose Hamilton
Posted on 11/14/2023
Kinsey Carpenter- Success through Opportunity- Choose HamiltonChattanooga, Tenn. – Sometimes, finding the perfect fit takes more than one try. For Kinsey Carpenter, a ninth-grade student at Hixson High School, taking a risk and making a change has helped her thrive since changing schools through Hamilton County Schools' Choose Hamilton program.

At her originally zoned school, Kinsey felt like she was missing something, a feeling that affected her and her ability to succeed. However, after her mom learned about the Choose Hamilton program, Kinsey decided to switch to Hixson High School, where she has found a sense of belonging and academic success.

One connection Kinsey has made is with Assistant Principal Shunta Daniels, who is over the Ninth Grade Academy. When asked about Kinsey’s success at Hixson, Ms. Daniels stated, “Kinsey is a breath of fresh air. We are so proud of her success this school year. Kinsey is a joy to see in the halls, and we are so grateful to have her at Hixson.”

Kinsey noted that starting in a new school for her first year of high school made her nervous, but after her first day at Hixson she knew she had made the right choice. Kinsey stated, “at least two people spoke to me in every class my first day, and they initiated the conversation.” Additionally, students volunteered to walk Kinsey to her classes and show her around the building until she was able to learn her way.

This peer support means everything to Kinsey. Having other students who have helped ensure she is able to succeed has made a difference in her outlook on attending school. Kinsey said, “Now when I wake up, I am happy to be going to school.”

Since switching to Hixson High School, Kinsey has seen a remarkable improvement in her academic performance, which she credits to her relationships to adults in the building. She has made connections with her teachers and fellow students. Kinsey said having adults in school who she trusts and believes in her, has made her more confident in her academics and skills. She loves knowing she has multiple spaces in the school that allow her to reset or speak with trusted adults when she is feeling overwhelmed. Multiple teachers, counselor, and leaders at Hixson are working with Kinsey to ensure her success.

Kinsey has made an effort to become involved in extracurricular activities and programs in addition to her friends and teachers. A major draw for Kinsey in choosing to attend Hixson High School is the agricultural program available. Kinsey is currently enrolled in their agricultural program and aims to move into classes focusing on small animal science next year.

As Kinsey continues to settle at Hixson she hopes to continue her journey to get involved. She plans to join the softball and volleyball teams and potentially, JROTC. Kinsey’s older brother and her mom encouraged her move to Hixson and the chance to find her place. Kinsey is grateful to her mom for helping her find this opportunity, and she is excited to know she is making her family proud with her achievements.

Through Choose Hamilton, students like Kinsey have the opportunity to attend a school outside of their zoned area. Her success story is just one example of how Hamilton County Schools is committed to providing all students with the opportunity to thrive and succeed in school. With Choose Hamilton, the district is proud to offer students a chance to find their place in the education system and achieve their full potential. With a wide range of programs and resources available, students can explore their interests and passions, whether it's through sports, music, art, or other extracurricular activities. This program aims to provide all students with the chance to find a school that best suits their individual goals, passions, and needs.

For Kinsey, this meant attending a school where she could connect with teachers, leaders, and peers in a more meaningful way.

Choose Hamilton is more than just a program; it's a promise to students and families throughout the district. With a focus on academic excellence, personal growth, and community involvement, Hamilton County Schools is committed to providing students with the tools they need to achieve their goals and build a successful future.