Creating Connections and Cultivating Passions at Schools’ Club Day
Posted on 11/24/2023
Creating Connections and Cultivating Passions at Schools’ Club DayChattanooga, Tennessee--Schools across our district including Big Ridge Elementary, Middle Valley Elementary, and Red Bank High have implemented school-wide club meetings to their days to foster connections amongst students and teachers.

We got the privilege to visit Big Ridge where their Club Day happens during the last period of the day every other Friday. It is open to all students from kindergarten to fifth grade, with K-2 having assigned clubs, while students in grades 3-5 have the exciting opportunity to select their clubs. This flexible approach breaks down traditional grade-level barriers. It enables students to choose from a diverse range of engaging clubs and allows space to interact with peers from different grade levels.

Principal Jeana Johnson emphasizes the importance of Club Day in building connections, stating, "It builds a closer community." Big Ridge Elementary's Club Day is making a real impact in bringing students, teachers, and the community closer together, creating an even more vibrant learning environment for the kids.

A few clubs students can participate in include Gardening, Cooking, Dog Care and Training, Bracelet Making, and more. This variety offers students the chance to explore and find their unique interests. Programs such as club days aim to increase student attendance by cultivating a student's excitement for school. Beyond the school, Big Ridge has invited partners from local community organizations like 4-H, the Tennessee Aquarium, and local dog companies to join. These partnerships enrich students' learning experiences and deepen the school's ties with the community.

No matter where you are across the district schools are working hard to foster connections like Big Ridge Elementary, Middle Valley Elementary, and Red Bank High with club day. Club Days embody a commitment to ‘Every Student Belongs,’ by fostering an inclusive environment. Big Ridge is one example of schools in our district that equip and sustain all teachers and students to design supports that include and encourage every learner.