Sarah Tullock- Your Voice has a Purpose
Posted on 01/10/2024
Sarah Tullock- Your Voice has a PurposeChattanooga, Tenn. – Your Voice has a Purpose, This statement is the foundation of what Sarah Tullock, music teacher at Snow Hill Elementary, aims to teach her students.

Sarah Tullock believes every student's voice has a purpose and her philosophy of teaching music education centers around this belief. She believes teaching music literacy, improvisation, and composition can help students learn clear communication, listening skills, creativity, and kindness. Her teaching philosophy focuses on providing students with a diverse music education inclusive of different cultures and styles.

“We are truly blessed to have Mrs. Tullock as a part of our school community,” said Snow Hill Elementary Principal Kim Pringle. “Her passion for her craft and the impact it has on the lives of students is evident in her work. She enables her students to find joy in music making because she models that joy for them. I love to visit her classroom because the lessons she provides are nothing short of magical. Students have so much fun playing and singing with her that they don’t even realize how much they are learning.”

Tullock is passionate about creating sustainable connections to music for her students by forming a strong foundation of musical knowledge. She works to instill a love of music that will last a lifetime and believes that by creating this love of music, students will find a positive outlet for stress and creativity. Tullock’s dedication to ensuring that all students love her class is apparent through her teaching style of Kodály methodology.

The Kodály method of music instruction is rooted in five principles- one is that music education must be satisfying. She creates a welcoming and inclusive environment where every student can feel connected to their school. She has seen success with this method through many students. She has even had non-verbal students read, sing, or even say their first words in a school building in her class. She is proud of her work to foster a safe and encouraging environment for all students.

“I got into music education to help young people feel that their voices matter and to give them tools for healthy self-expression,” said Tullock. “I live in this community, and I love being a part of giving the kids in my community a space to learn and be themselves. I want everyone to have a space in music where they can grow their confidence and creative mindset. I seek to empower students through their music class experiences and also their performance experiences at Snow Hill. Our performance traditions in each grade level honor our students' music literacy development, but more importantly, their humanity.”

During the summer breaks, Tullock also teaches music education through Kodály certification courses at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Lenoir-Rhyne University. By doing this, she hopes to provide other teachers with tools that allow for creative music education that helps students develop a lifelong connection to music.

Tullock is not only teaching her students about music but also helping them develop important life skills that will benefit them in the future. Snow Hill Elementary is fortunate to have a teacher like Tullock, passionate about creating a positive and enriching learning environment where Every Student Belongs.