Senior Spotlight- Cheyenne Frye
Posted on 01/24/2024
Senior Spotlight- Cheyenne FryeChattanooga, Tennessee- Cheyenne Frye, a senior at the Chattanooga School For the Arts and Sciences (CSAS), has earned an impressive $347,000 in scholarships. Frye has accepted a prestigious Questbridge full-ride scholarship to Denison University, a significant milestone in her academic journey.

Throughout her time at CSAS, Frye has excelled academically and socially. A dedicated athlete in basketball, and soccer, she was also a leader in her school community through a variety of clubs serving as the Student Government Association President and contributing to various organizations, including the Student Faculty Control Group, Paideia Society, Urban League of Greater Chattanooga National Achievers Society (23-24), Youth in Government, Black Student Association, and more.

“Being connected and well-rounded, both socially and academically, was important to me. I want to ensure I am an advocate for my peers and myself. I think this intention and involvement helped set me apart when applying for this scholarship,” expressed Frye. Classmates and staff alike praised Frye for being a leader at CSAS. “It was important to me to feel connected to the other students in my school, regardless of our age or differences,” said Frye.

Frye, a soccer star at CSAS, helped lead her team to the State Quarter Finals. She recalled her favorite high school memory of breaking the school record of most goals in a high school career, tallying an impressive 117 goals. Frye’s dedication to success on and off the field shows through her impressive resume.

As a soon-to-be first-generation college attendee, Frye demonstrated a strong commitment to her academic pursuits. Her accomplishment of earning the Questbridge scholarship included a rigorous application process including multiple essays, financial evaluation, and academic review.

Frye expressed that the support of her college and career advisor, Nick Siler, played a pivotal role in her achievement. Siler, who has been the college and career counselor at CSAS for the past two years, emphasized his dedication and passion for helping students navigate their academic and career journeys. He stated, "I do it for the students, and I love doing it. I am here for all of our families and staff. I want students, families, and staff to know I am here to support them." Over the past two years, Siler has helped over 5 students become finalists for the Questbridge scholarship, leading to two successful Questbridge matches. Last year’s match, attending the University of Chicago.

Reflecting on her experience, Frye offered advice to fellow students, saying, "Keep going and apply yourself; you are better than what you think you are." Looking ahead, Frye is in discussions with coaches at Denison University about the possibility of continuing her soccer career while pursuing a major in sociology with a pre-law focus. Her aspirations include becoming a lawyer or forensic psychologist.

Frye's journey at CSAS has undoubtedly shaped her into a well-rounded individual. She has an open-minded, advocacy mindset centered around academic excellence.

Cheyenne Frye’s experience at CSAS exemplifies Hamilton County Schools’ value of excellence. Frye is a dedicated student who has earned a high-quality education, with supportive adults helping her achieve her goals.