Lead Guitarist Noah Edmond and the Challenge that Can’t Defeat Him
Posted on 01/25/2024
Lead Guitarist Noah Edmond and the Challenge that Can’t Defeat HimChattanooga, Tennessee- Sophomore, at Soddy Daisy High School, Noah Edmond was born with arthrogryposis, a disability that causes a defect in bone growth. In Noah’s case, it affects his arms, wrists, and fingers. However, that doesn’t stop him from doing things he is passionate about.

Noah’s parents, Eric and Heather Edmond, have always supported Noah in whatever activities he has wanted to do. At school, Noah is a part of the bowling team, led by Coach Heater, and the rock band class and their band C.E.N.B.A.D., taught by Mr. Lovingood. In the rock band, Noah is the lead guitarist, specifically playing rhythm and bass guitar. His father said that Noah has never allowed his disability to stop him and they are very proud of him and the person he is becoming.

In an interview, his father Eric mentioned how he got his first guitar. “It was a Christmas gift from his grandfather.” Noah’s father, Eric, and grandfather both loved music and both played the guitar. “He didn’t touch it for about five years, he even wanted to sell it. But I wouldn’t let him.” Noah said he really got interested in playing guitar by watching his cousin and some of his peers play. He started out watching YouTube videos on how to play and then signed up for Guitar 1 class his freshman year.

Mr. Lovingood taught Noah in Guitar 1 class his freshman year; he remembered, “It was interesting to see how that was going to work out because of his disability.” Mr. Lovingood said he and Noah had a discussion about his limitations. “He was always really honest about ‘I can’t do this, or I can’t do it this way…’ and we would have to figure out how to modify what I needed him to do and how he could do it with his disability. He was always, you know, very positive. He never allowed his disability to stop him or slow him down. He just had to learn to modify it and sometimes it was my recommendation and sometimes he figured it out for himself. So it was pretty cool to have a kid like that.”

When Noah auditioned for the SDHS rock band, C.E.N.B.A.D., Mr. Lovingood noticed Noah had both talent and a good heart; he said, “You look for talent but you also look for good people, so he fit both and it was a pretty easy pick.” To audition for the rock band, students have to perform a prepared song of choice on their desired instrument. Noah auditioned by performing the tapping section of “Eruption” by Van Halen on electric guitar. Noah is now one of the lead guitarists for the band.

Noah is also a part of the SDHS bowling team led by Coach Heater. When I interviewed Coach Heater, he mentioned a few things about Noah, as an athlete, “the best part of coaching Noah has been to see how much he has improved… and [to]see that huge smile on his face when he executes a special shot. I don’t see Noah as a kid with a disability and I don’t think Noah goes about bowling thinking that either. Although he may not have the ball speed others may have, he has worked hard on perfecting his form, balance and focus to deliver quality shots. Noah also puts in extra time practicing between our scheduled matches and practices…” Noah has shown Coach Heater that he is determined to do the things he is passionate about and succeed.

After high school, Noah plans on attending college at Middle Tennessee State University to pursue a degree in sound engineering and music. He also hopes to continue his music career by joining a band.

Written by: Lena Skiles, Reporter/Writer, Soddy Daisy High School
Junior Lena Skiles is a first year staff member for journalism covering boys and girls soccer, wrestling, BETA club, theater, and the English department at SDHS. Outside of school, Lena enjoys spending time with her friends, listening to music, as well as going thrift shopping. She also loves to be home with her family and three dogs.