Mallory Brearey HCS registered dietitian
Posted on 03/14/2024
Mallory Brearey, a registered dietitian with HCS, plays a crucial role in enhancing student nutrition Chattanooga, Tennessee- Mallory Brearey, a registered dietitian with Hamilton County Schools, plays a crucial role in enhancing student nutrition through menu planning, recipe creation, and managing the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. Her dedication provides students access to healthy and flavorful meals that support their development.

Working collaboratively with families, students, and staff, Brearey caters to 682 students with diverse food allergies, intolerances, and medical conditions such as Celiac disease, diabetes, and metabolic disorders. Her commitment ensures that each student can safely and enjoyably participate in the school meal programs, promoting nutritious and delicious meals that aid their growth.

Brearey oversees menu planning across the entire district, conducting recipe trials in school cafeterias to meet USDA nutrient guidelines. Partnering closely with cafeteria managers who interact with students daily, she tailors menus to student preferences, allowing every child to find something enjoyable. Brearey also collaborates with kitchen staff to accommodate food preparation and focuses on creating appealing meals for students.

She emphasizes, “It benefits not only the students but also supports our families. It takes a lot off of the parent which can lead to a positive impact on the student's health inside and outside the home.”

One of the programs she manages is the USDA's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, operating in eight elementary schools. This initiative introduces children to various unprocessed fruits and vegetables, increasing consumption and exposing children to new and unfamiliar options for improved overall health.

Brearey is a strong advocate for sourcing fresh, quality ingredients for our students. Currently, she is utilizing a local foods grant that brought Tennessee apples to our cafeterias, and on March 28, 16 schools will serve pot roast made from local Tennessee beef from Clarksville.

Mallory Brearey exemplifies the district's commitment to Every School Equipped. Her dedication to fostering a nourishing and inclusive cafeteria environment aligns perfectly with the values of Hamilton County Schools, aiming to create opportunities that allow all children to thrive and reach their full potential.