Vaping Information

What is Vaping?


Vaping is the inhaling of a vapor created by an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or other vaping devices. E-cigarettes are battery-powered smoking devices. E-cigarettes, or vaping, products can be used to deliver nicotine, cannabis (THC, CBD), flavorings, chemicals, and other substances. The liquid is heated into a vapor, which the person inhales. That's why using e-cigarettes is called "vaping."


Why is Vaping a Problem?


20% (5 million) of all youth use e-cigarettes, a 135% increase in just two years. Recently 2,300 illnesses and more than 50 deaths have been attributed to vaping or vaping-related illnesses. The mid-to-long-term consequences of e-cigarettes are not yet known, as it's a new product and has been sold for less than a decade in the U.S. While much remains to be determined about these lasting health consequences of these products, it is troubling to be sure. The inhalation of harmful chemicals can cause irreversible lung damage and lung diseases.


What Are We Doing About It?

Vaping has become increasingly prevalent within Hamilton County Schools, and we are taking steps to address this rapidly growing problem among our students. We will be actively engaging our students and families to help them understand the potential health consequences of vaping and implementing disciplinary guidelines that we hope will reduce the use of e-cigarettes.

HCS disciplinary guidelines for vaping cases are listed on our Code of Acceptable Behavior under "Unacceptable Conduct and Consequences: Substance Abuse/Drug Incidents" page 62. The Action Legend is also highlighted under our COAB on page 79


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