Dog Man by Dav Pilkey - Suggested for Grades - 2 - 5
Posted on 02/18/2019
Dog Man by Dav Pilkey“Kids who love reading graphic novels love this series! They are intrigued by the weirdness, strange villains, and laughs that come along with reading about Dog Man and his nemesis Petey.” - Janessa Fooshee, librarian at Battle Academy

Dog Man by Dav Pilkey is the Hamilton book of the week nominated by Janessa Fooshee, the librarian at Battle Academy. Dog Man is the crime-biting canine who is part dog, part man, and ALL HERO! George and Harold have created a new hero who digs into deception, claws after crooks and rolls over robbers. When Greg the police dog and his cop companion are injured on the job, a life-saving surgery changes the course of history, and Dog Man is born. With the head of a dog and the body of a human, this heroic hound has a real nose for justice. But can he resist the call of the wild to answer the call of duty?

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Dog Man kicks off a new comic novel series by Dav Pilkey, creator of the popular Captain Underpants Series. It's presented as a comic by George and Harold, fourth-grade characters from the Captain Underpants books. The first chapter details how Dog Man was surgically created after a dim-witted police officer and his dog were injured trying to defuse a bomb. There are some misspellings and poor grammar and a lot of juvenile humor involving bodily functions, explosions, and a drawing of a bare bottom. Pilkey shares how illustrated books and humor helped him work through early reading struggles due to dyslexia and led him to become a writer, and he lends cheerful support to kids who might feel out of step with teachers' expectations.

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