Took by Mary Downing Hahn
Took by Mary Downing Hahn

“Students love the spookiness and ghostliness of this ghost story!.”
Lindsay Prater, Librarian, Soddy Elementary

Took is the Hamilton Book of the Week nominated by Lindsay Prater, a Librarian at Soddy Elementary. Another thrilling ghost story from Mary Downing Hahn, author of ‘One for Sorrow,’ that is sure to keep you turning pages. The tale begins with a Connecticut family of four moving to a tiny rural town in West Virginia. The move wouldn't be so bad, except it is clear from the beginning that the parents didn't make the decision to move into the dilapidated farmhouse themselves. They were 'urged' to by Auntie, a truly creepy character who the locals call a 'conjure' woman.

Editorial Reviews

4 and a half starsfrom Amazon Readers

“Just in time for Halloween, Mary Downing Hahn has delivered another spooky ghost story that will make you wish you kept the lights on.” – Carol,

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