Video Feature - David Jackson, Teacher of the Year
Posted on 05/06/2020
Photo: David Jackson, Teacher of the YearTeacher Appreciation Week is taking place across the country this week; in Hamilton County, we want to celebrate the excellence of our teachers who work to build a brighter future for children every day. Today’s video feature highlights David Jackson, a teacher at Brown Middle in the Harrison Bay Learning Community. Brown is the Teacher of the Year in the middle grades division in Hamilton County Schools.

David Jackson has taught seventh-grade math and science at Brown Middle School since 2015. The academic performance of the students in his class is in the top 10 percent of classes at Brown Middle to score Level 5 for two or more consecutive years. In 2018-2019, his classes scored Level 5 in both math and science. More than 90 percent of Jackson’s students have met their expected annual growth for the past two years.

“My goal is for every student to be actively engaged in asking and answering questions and debating in class,” said Jackson. “I can take on a playful demeanor when the time is appropriate, and my students know that I do not take myself seriously at all times. However, they also know I expect us to take care of business first, and there is a boundary between fun and the serious.”

Enjoy David Jackson talking about teaching and his classroom in his Teacher of the Year video recorded earlier this year.