Video Feature - Michelle Bailey, Teacher of the Year
Posted on 05/05/2020
Photo:  Michelle Bailey - Teacher of the Year from Thrasher Elementary SchoolTeacher Appreciation Week is taking place across the country this week; in Hamilton County, we want to celebrate the excellence of our teachers who work to build a brighter future for children every day. Today’s video feature highlights Michelle Bailey, a teacher at Thrasher Elementary in the Rock Point Learning Community. Bailey is the Teacher of the Year in the elementary division in Hamilton County Schools.

Michelle Bailey started her career in teaching in 2012, and she has spent all of that time at Thrasher Elementary School. She teaches a kindergarten and first-grade multiage class. The multiage approach has kindergarten and first-grade children working and learning together in the same classroom setting. She understands there is not a single recipe for a successful classroom for all children.

“I develop strong relationships with the children and families in my classroom and use a variety of methods to get to know my children,” said Bailey. “I take the time to eat lunch with my students, interact with them on the playground, and greet each of them with a smile to welcome each child to a new learning day.”

Enjoy Michelle Bailey talking about teaching and her classroom children in her Teacher of the Year video recorded earlier this year.