The measures teachers will extend themselves to reach their students
Posted on 04/13/2020
Photo: Ben Wall drinks his smoothie ingredients provided by students.Teachers have always extended themselves to the max to help reach their students and help them learn. Now, adding the element of distance learning and not being able to work with their students in the classroom has dedicated educators looking for even more creative ways to make a difference.

Ben Wall, a fourth-grade teacher at Rivermont Elementary, is sacrificing his stomach or, at the least, his taste buds to help his students learn at home. Mr. Wall created a smoothie challenge before Spring Break to encourage children to participate in instruction at home. Students who turned in all of their work for the week could provide an ingredient for his smoothie.

Students got into the challenge and completed their work. They were also creative in the ingredients Wall was to include in his smoothie blend. The items included bananas, popcorn, strawberries, tuna (including the water in the can), Brussel sprouts, cream corn, bread, black beans, mayonnaise, and imitation butter. Wall added milk to help blend the concoction.

Mr. Wall did not enjoy the smoothie, but he recorded drinking it for his students. The worst part, the first video did not work, and he had to do it twice!

“It was chunky, but not very tasty,” commented Wall in his video.

Click the photo or the link to view Mr. Wall drinking the smoothie.

YouTube video:

Photo: Ben Wall drinks his smoothie ingredients provided by students.