A veteran police officer, national school safety trainer, and educator selected as the first student security coordinator for Hamilton County Schools
Posted on 12/03/2019
Photo of James Corbin veteran police officer, national school safety trainer, and educator selected as the first student security coordinator for Hamilton County SchoolsSchool safety is a top priority for Hamilton County Schools, and a veteran police officer who has worked at the national level to improve safety in schools has been selected to coordinate safety efforts for the school district. James Corbin, PH.D., a director in the area of school safety with Corbin and Associates, is the new student security coordinator for Hamilton County Schools. Corbin has also spent more than ten years teaching in the classroom during his career.

In his work with Corbin and Associates, a criminal justice training company that has school safety as its primary area of concentration, Corbin developed and presented training sessions on school safety to police officers, school administrators, and teachers across the country. He also served as a consultant in the area of school safety and conducted site evaluations for individual schools and entire school districts. Corbin has extensive experience working with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department providing training for officers in our community.

Corbin also has broad experience in law enforcement. He worked with the Orlando Police Department in Florida for 20 years and was a Master Police Officer. In the last eleven years of his career in law enforcement, Corbin served as a school resource officer working at the middle school and high school level. As an SRO, he developed and sponsored the Students Against Drunk Driving chapter at William R. Boone High School. He taught classes on criminal justice in schools and lead over 50 advanced law enforcement seminars for law enforcement professionals.

Corbin also served as executive director of the National Association of School Resource Officers. He directed the operation of the national non-profit organization dedicated to the school resource officer concept, and the school resource officers of America. During his time at NASRO, Corbin developed the training program now used by the organization to train school resource officers.

As the new student security coordinator for Hamilton County Schools, Corbin will work with schools, the school district, and local law enforcement to plan and monitor procedures to provide safe and secure school facilities across the district. He will help schools refine school safety plans to make sure the best possible plan is in place for each school in the district and coordinate regular school building safety reviews. Corbin will also develop security training for school personnel, manage school-level emergency response teams, and identify security issues and make recommendations for correction.

Corbin will help coordinate with law enforcement by serving as the point of contact for school SROs, and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department. He will also work as a liaison with other community law enforcement, fire departments, and municipal departments to ensure maximum coordination of community public safety services to maintain secure campuses.

Experience in the public school classroom will help Corbin to work with school personnel and understand school safety from the classroom perspective. He spent 11 years teaching in Orange County Public Schools as a social studies instructor at the high school level. He also taught American History and American Government classes and assisted with school discipline and safety.

Additional experience Corbin brings to Hamilton County Schools includes serving as a training instructor with the National Criminal Justice Training and Assessment Institute, and he was the director of training for Youth Crime Watch of America.

Corbin holds a degree in education from the University of Dayton, a degree in secondary education from Wright State University, a criminal justice undergraduate and master’s from Rollins College, and a Ph.D. in education administration from Madison University.

“Security is a priority in our schools and as such needs the attention of a professional with the national experience in school safety of Dr. Corbin,” said Dr. Bryan Johnson, superintendent of Hamilton County Schools. “The addition of experience in the classroom and his close work with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department and local law enforcement provides a unique combination of experience that will serve our community well as we work to provide a safe learning environment for our children.”