Hamilton County Schools at top Level 5 status with 45 Level 5 schools and 32 Reward schools
Posted on 08/15/2019
Hamilton County announced historic progress in academic achievement today with the release of local district student growth data. Hamilton County Schools recorded a record Level 5 status in student academic growth in all five categories. The district scored an overall Level 1 just two years ago, Level 3 overall last year, and jumped to Level 5 across the board for student academic growth in 2019 state testing results.

The district also earned a record number of Reward schools in 2019. Thirty-two schools earned Reward School status, which is up from 17 last year.

“The growth of our schools and students this year underscores everyone’s commitment to exceeding expectations, and because of the efforts of our teachers, leaders, staff, board, community, and students we have improved at rates that are simply remarkable,” said Dr. Bryan Johnson, superintendent of Hamilton County Schools. “On state academic growth, our schools and students knocked it out of the park!”

The state department reports TVAAS results for districts and schools using a range from Level 1 to Level 5. The 2019 results are the first time the district’s overall TVAAS composite, and each subject area achieved Level 5 - the highest level of academic growth. Hamilton County Schools earned Level 5 in literacy, numeracy, social studies, literacy and numeracy, and composite (overall).

Twenty-one schools also earned Level 5 in all five categories: Allen Elementary, Alpine Crest Elementary, Apison Elementary, Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences Upper, Clifton Hills Elementary, DuPont Elementary, East Hamilton Middle/High School, East Brainerd Elementary, East Ridge Elementary, East Side Elementary, Hamilton County Collegiate High at Chattanooga State, Wolftever Creek Elementary, Ooltewah Elementary, Red Bank Elementary, Red Bank Middle, Red Bank High, Sale Creek Middle/High, Wallace A. Smith Elementary, Westview Elementary, Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, and Chattanooga Preparatory School.

Forty-five schools earned Level 5 overall composite in 2019. Harrison Bay Learning Community – Ooltewah Elementary, Bess T. Shepherd Elementary, Lakeside Academy, Snow Hill Elementary, Wallace A. Smith Elementary, Wolftever Creek Elementary. Missionary Ridge Learning Community - Apison Elementary, Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts, East Brainerd Elementary, East Hamilton Middle/High, East Ridge Elementary, East Ridge Middle, East Ridge High, East Side Elementary, Hamilton County Collegiate High at Chattanooga State, Tyner Middle Academy, Tyner Academy, Westview Elementary. North River Learning Community - Allen Elementary, Big Ridge Elementary, Daisy Elementary, DuPont Elementary, Hixson Elementary, Hixson Middle, Hixson High, Loftis Middle, McConnell Elementary, Middle Valley Elementary, Sale Creek Middle/High, Soddy Elementary. Opportunity Zone Learning Community – Calvin Donaldson Environmental Science Academy, Clifton Hills Elementary, East Lake Elementary. Rock Point Learning Community - Alpine Crest Elementary, Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences Upper, Lookout Mountain Elementary, Red Bank Elementary, Red Bank Middle, Red Bank High, Rivermont Elementary, Thrasher Elementary. Charter Schools – Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence, Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence Middle, and Chattanooga Preparatory School

TVAAS measures student growth from one school year to the next. Value-added growth models determine how effective teachers and schools were in helping students gain at least a year’s worth of learning while taking into consideration the student’s academic history. Growth is a good indicator of school and teacher effectiveness because it measures how much a student has progressed during the year.

Not only did many of our schools exceed growth expectations, but also 80 percent of teachers in Hamilton County Schools met or exceeded student growth expectations scoring Level 3, 4, or 5.

Hamilton County Schools having 32 Reward Schools is another historic accomplishment for the district. Reward status is the top distinction a school can earn in Tennessee. Reward schools are demonstrating strong performance across multiple student measures for the categories of all students and student groups.

The state also rates district academic accountability status in five categories (needs improvement, marginal, satisfactory, advancing, and exemplary. In 2019, the status of Hamilton County Schools was advancing, which is an improvement from the satisfactory status last year.

“These results are indeed historic in academic growth, but there is still work to be done to ensure our graduates are future-ready and prepared for success,” added Johnson. “The Future Ready 2023 action plan will guide our path as teachers accelerate student growth towards even higher levels of academic achievement.”

The Hamilton County Board of Education’s Future Ready 2023 action plan provides goals and landmarks on the journey to reaching the academic achievement levels the community desires for its schools. The district plan has led to department plans and individual school plans to support moving the district forward. Plans are focused on academic improvement for each school and each child. Future Ready 2023 action areas include accelerating student achievement across the district, providing future-ready students prepared for success after graduation, staffing our schools with great teachers and leaders, engaging the community in the education process, and providing efficient and effective operations to deliver high-quality education for the children of our community.

The Tennessee Department of Education will release statewide academic achievement results tomorrow. The state results will allow Hamilton County Schools to assess progress toward the goal of becoming the fastest improving school district in Tennessee.

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