Marie Holland of Sequoyah High is in the Senior Spotlight Video
Posted on 05/23/2019
Marie Holland senior photoMarie Holland is a 2019 graduate of Sequoyah High and today’s Hamilton County Schools Senior Spotlight. Holland is a graduate of the Welding Program at Sequoyah High, and she was the only female in her class. Her work ethic and ability as a welder landed her an internship at Heatec, a local company that manufactures and markets a broad line of heaters and liquid storage tanks. The internship has now turned into the beginning of her career with a full-time job at Heatec.

“Welding stood out to me because I was looking for something that I would enjoy for a career,” Holland said. “I want to enjoy where I work and what I do because if you do not enjoy what you do, it is work to you.”Marie Holland welding in class

Holland’s dedication to the skill she was learning showed in class, but it was so important to her that she also practiced mastering her craft when she was not at school.

“I think Marie is a great example that women shouldn’t feel intimidated to get into a trade,” said Candice Clark, instructor in the Welding Program at Sequoyah High. “Marie is a leader, she is outgoing, and she gives 110 percent in everything she does, and that is what it takes to be successful.”

“I want my job to be something that I enjoy doing so that I do not dread going to work every day,” Holland added.

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Photo (Top) Marie Holland senior photo

Photo (Right) Marie Holland welding in class