Ooltewah High band also participating in Manilow Project online contest
Posted on 05/08/2019
Ooltewah High School Band, courtesy of their website.The Ooltewah High’s band has joined Lookout Valley Middle High band on the leaderboard for the Manilow Music Project (MMP) contest for 2019. If one of the bands can win the contest, the winner will get $100,000 to spend on new instruments and uniforms. The bands need your vote for their video entry to top the current leaders and win the competition.

Lookout Valley uploaded their video entry entitled “Funding our Future in the Valley” explaining who they are and why it is important for their band to win. In the Lookout Valley video, Shannon Stephens, the band director, talks about the need for instruments for the Lookout Valley Middle/High program. The school has instruments that date back to the Korean War and one trombone that dates back to 1929. The trombone is played daily in the band program.

“The band program has grown so much that we do not have enough quality instruments for all of our students to play,” Stephens shares in the video. “This would change the tone of our band, and it would change the pride our students have in their performances.”

The Ooltewah High video was produced by the school’s media and journalism students and the band. The Ooltewah video also lists instruments and their condition as a problem. The band would use the funds to replace tubas and other instruments. The video also outlines the community work the band participates in to assist people in the Ooltewah community.

“This gift would make all the difference in the world,” said Sam Mossbeck, a student in the Ooltewah Band. “It would make it so much easier to just focus on doing well in school and playing well.”

Several factors determine the winning school including online votes, community involvement, and the level of need. The contest votes are important to sway the opinion of contest creator Barry Manilow. The singer/songwriter will ultimately decide the winner of the competition.

The Manilow Music Project was formed in 2008 by Manilow in response to budget cuts to the arts in public schools. The Project works to support young musicians through music education. The contest was launched to celebrate Manilow’s 500th performance at the Westgate International Theatre.

To vote for Ooltewah High’s band use the link (Ooltewah Band Vote)

To vote for Lookout Valley Middle/High band use the link (Lookout Valley Middle/High Band)