The Sky will be the limit in a collaboration between Howard Connect Academy and NASA
Posted on 03/07/2019

The sky is the limit for middle school students at the new Howard Connect Academy as the result of a new collaboration between the school and NASA. The innovative new school for middle-grade students will open its doors this August with NASA resources, competitions, interactions with NASA scientists and engineers as well as a full NASA curriculum available for children. NASA personnel will provide students with both in-person and virtual interactions. NASA will also provide the Learning Designers and Discovery Teachers with professional development and training.

Howard Connect Academy is the only school in Hamilton County with an official collaboration with NASA. Howard Connect will be hooked into a network with all things NASA through NASA Educational Specialist, John Weis, from the NASA Marshall Office of STEM Engagement.  All students at Howard Connect will have an extended NASA Discovery experience in the Science Collaboratory throughout their years at Howard Connect. Framed in engineering and design, students in sixth-grade will have an Earth Space focus, seventh-grade a Life Science bend, and eighth-grade a focus on Physical Science. NASA will also support Genius Hour during the day for students who wish to do a deeper dive study in all things aeronautics and space. 

Howard Connect Academy is breaking the mold for middle school education.  Howard Connect approaches learning through five design principles:

·         Authentic learning focused on lessons that are relevant to the children because they will be able to connect what they learn to the world around them

·         Fostering curiosity that encourages critical thinking and allows students to discover their own genius

·         Collaborative experiences where everyone works together to have the best possible learning experience

·         Equitable opportunities where every child can become their best they can be academically, socially, and emotionally

·         Love and joy will be the norm as the school will be a place where people want to be because learning is fun and the learning community cares about each other

Working with NASA is a perfect fit for the students at Howard Connect as it meets all of the school’s design principles. The possibilities are endless for what students will have access to with this collaboration between Howard Connect and NASA. 

Howard Connect Academy is an Open Enrollment school. The innovative new school will open its doors this August to welcome the class of 2026, with seats available to 150 rising sixth graders.  Open enrollment registration is now available for Howard Connect Academy and closes March 15th. Any student in Hamilton County may complete a registration to attend.

Apply today for Howard Connect Academy on the Hamilton County Schools’ website at Click on the Schools tab at the top of the page, then My Future Schools in the drop-down menu.  Click the English or Spanish link under “Open Enrollment Application” to apply.

Howard Connect Academy is shooting for the stars, and with NASA’s support, the school is well on its way.