Three schools to receive state grants to spur school improvement
Posted on 12/03/2018
Howard summer graduationThree Hamilton County Schools were among ten in the state announced today to receive grants to help spur school improvement. Education Commissioner Candice McQueen announced Tennessee would award Priority school grants over the next three years to Calvin Donaldson Elementary, Orchard Knob Middle, and The Howard School along with another seven schools in the state. The ten grants will total $8.25 million for the selected schools and will provide funding to support specific strategies for school improvement in alignment with both district plans, and the state’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan.

Schools that were named to the state’s 2018 Priority school list or identified for comprehensive support and improvement (CSI) were eligible to apply for this competitive grant.

Calvin Donaldson Elementary will use the funds for personnel to support academic success for students, stipends for teacher training in using data to improve student learning, assessment of what children are learning, collaboration, and mentors. The funds will also fund scholarships for teachers to pursue National Board Certification and provide classroom instructional materials.

Orchard Knob Middle will provide additional counseling services, interventionist in math and English language arts, educational enrichment experiences during the summer, and enrichment for the SOAR Saturday Academy. The grant will provide supplies and materials for summer education programs and the SOAR Saturday Academy and also help provide transportation to the SOAR program.

The Howard School will invest in personnel to provide academic interventions, bi-lingual services, professional development training for teachers, and admission charges for enrichment experiences for students attending the Saturday Success Academy. The funds will also support the school’s emergency fund to provide eyeglasses, hearing exams, dental emergencies, and clothing needs. The grant will also fund supplies and materials for the classroom and transportation to the Saturday Academy sessions.

Title I funds from the U.S. Department of Education provides funding for the grants that must be used to support the state’s Priority and CSI schools. Through a competitive application process, the ten schools selected will receive funding up to $275,000 per year for three years to implement the turnaround plans outlined in the applications submitted by the schools.