I Am Hamilton t-shirt presented to Jonathan McKenney of Signal Mountain
Posted on 12/03/2018
McKenney presented his shirt at Signal Mtn. SchoolJonathan McKenney, a bus driver for schools on Signal Mountain, received an “I Am Hamilton” t-shirt for keeping children safe on the bus ride home from school. The district presents the special shirts to individuals for efforts that positively impact Hamilton County Schools and the children we serve.

A parent wrote Hamilton County Schools to commend McKenney for his quick thinking that kept her son safe on his way home from school recently. The parent wrote that it was an afternoon like most when it was time for her son to get home from school. The dogs were “going nuts” because it was time for their boy to get home. On this day, the bus stopped, but a car did not and passed the bus where the child would normally be when getting off the bus.

“Mr. McKenney told Charlie to wait because he saw the SUV coming,” the parent wrote. “If Jonathan McKenney had not been watchful or if he had been too rushed, Charlie would have been in the road when the car passed the bus.”

The parent wrote about how Mr. McKenney rewards the children weekly for good behavior, encourages them to look out for each other and to do great things at school. “Words are not adequate to express how thankful our family is to have this dedicated man as our bus driver,” the parent wrote.

“I am Hamilton” spotlights the contributions of alumni, teachers, parents, students, support workers, and community members providing opportunities for children in the classrooms of Hamilton County Schools. Better opportunities for children today mean a brighter future filled with possibilities for our graduates, their families, and the community.

Photo: Charlie Baker, a sixth-grader at Signal Mountain Middle/High, and District 2 Board Member Kathy Lennon present Jonathan McKenney with the I Am Hamilton t-shirt.