Differentiated Compensation

Teaching in Hard-to-Staff Subjects and High-Need Schools:

Hamilton County Schools is proud to announce our Differentiated Pay Plan for the 2022-2023 School Year.  Through this plan, teachers have the opportunity to earn up to 20% more in total compensation. 

We recognize the challenge of securing the best teachers for our students with the highest needs.  To achieve educational equity, we believe that we must take bold action to ensure that all children have access to rigorous instruction.  This Differentiated Compensation Proposal is a first step towards meeting the Board's purpose for the equity policy of "of closing the opportunity gap and creating equity for all students in Hamilton County Schools."

Through these strategies, the teachers are rewarded for their effectiveness and incentivized to stay where they can have the greatest impact -- in the classroom. 


% Increase of Compensation

All Schools

Hope Schools

Promise Schools

All staff (Tier A)
PE, Music, etc.
_ 2.5% 5%
Core Staff (Tier B)
ELA, Social Studies
ExEd, ESL, Academic
Coaches, Counselors, Deans, Elementary (non-Related Arts)

5% 10%
Includes Elementary Math and Science
Hardest to Staff (Tier C)
9-12 Math and Science
5% 10%
6-12 Math _
6-12 Science _

Differentiated Pay Scale Calculator 

Use the calculator to determine your salary under the differentiated compensation plan for Promise and Hope schools or hard to staff areas.  

If you are a new hire, all experience must be verified through human resources. 

Teachers serving in additional Instructional Roles or Responsibilities:


Annual Step Increases

  • The district awards step increases for each year of experience. See the 2021-2022 salary schedule for specific step amounts.