Available 2nd Round
Choice Seats 2024-25

The 2nd Round applications will be open from April 1, - July 31, 2024.  2nd Round applications are only for families who did not apply in the first round of the Lottery.  If there is already a waitlist, 2nd Round applicants will be placed at the bottom of those lists as they come in.  Original applicants do not lose their current position to a new applicant.  Below you can see which schools are participating in this round.  The grade level in which seats may still be available are also listed.  You may access the application through your Parent Portal if you are an existing student or you can return to the main School Choice page and find the links for both existing and new to district students.  CCA is still open.  Please see instructions below if you are interested in auditioning.   Be sure to check the email you submitted on your application on a weekly basis.  Offers go out on a weekly basis.  Offers on Mondays and they expire 7 days later on Sunday if no action is taken.

IMPORTANT: This year's selections should be made in ranking order.  #1 selection will be your top choice with #5 selection being your last choice.  You may make up to five selections but it is not a requirement.

CCA will continue to audition students for the 2024-2025 school year through the 2nd round.  Interested applications should email the principal, Dr. Levine ([email protected]), for information.  After receiving the email, the school will provide a link to a google form, and students will upload audition information (videos, portfolios, etc.) for screening purposes.  Selected students will be asked to come to the school for an in-person audition and interview.