I am Hamilton: Sarah Yinger
Posted on 12/02/2021
I am Hamilton: Sarah YingerThis month our #IAmHamilton feature spotlights Sarah Yinger, an 8th grader at Howard Connect. Yinger joined the Howard Connect family three years ago with the first class of Howard Connect students, and since then, has taken full advantage of the unique opportunities at the school. Yinger has developed her love for arts and creative outlets while finding innovative ways to learn the standard curriculum.

“One opportunity Sarah has found a real passion for is photography. Sarah's skill set has come to life in the XProduction Studio where she has been mentored by Dynamo Studios,” said Mardee Miller, Howard Connect Principal. “Sarah has found her voice for making a positive impact on this world through the use of photography. As Sarah is looking to high school and what's is next for her, we know the possibilities for her are endless.”

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