Employment and/or Salary Verifications

In 2022, Hamilton County Schools implemented a new service to execute employment and wage verification requests of former and current employees. These requests are directed to The Work Number (formerly i2Verify), an income and employment verification company which provides immediate access to employment and wage data.

At times throughout your employment, there may be times when you are required to verify your wage or employment history. These instances include; securing a mortgage, buying a car, or providing information to a government agency for a social service entitlement. Hamilton County Schools partners with The Work Number to facilitate these transactions and securely transmits information to The Work Number to fulfill wage and employment verifications.

*Please note that this is different than an experience verification form which is often needed for licensure or employment purposes.  To have an experience verification form completed, please submit your request here.

Please follow the instructions below to obtain either a wage or employment verification: