Safe Supportive Learning

Safe Schools Learning Environment is designed to ensure that a safe and supportive learning atmosphere exists to increase academic outcomes for all students. Professional development, student training, resources, and support are crafted from school-collected data to address issues while engaging the community stakeholders to foster a healthier school climate.  To anonymously report concerns to the district use our Quick Tip tool.

  • Anti-Bullying
  • Restorative Practices
    • Introduction to Restorative Practices (one-day) explores the fundamental principles, philosophy, theories, practices, models, and skills to include language, questioning, impromptu problem solving and use of circles (morning meetings) aimed at strengthening relationships and social connections.        
    • Using Circles Effectively (one-day) explores the different types of circles and the manner in which circles can be used to integrate both academic content and social/emotional competencies into regular classroom practices.
    • Facilitating Restorative Conferences (two-day) engages participants in formal conferencing through role-playing scenarios for the purpose of enabling wrongdoers to repair harm for reintegration into the school community to reduce recidivism rates.
  • Safe Schools
  • RTI2 Behavior (formerly knows as PBIS)
  • Student Leadership Development/Training
  • Supplementary Resources

Contact Information:

Karen S. Glenn
STARS Director/Safe Supportive Learning
1161 W. 40th Street, Room 310, Chattanooga, TN 37409

Office: 423-498-7221
Fax: 423-498-6662
Email: [email protected]

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