Wireless & Network

Over the last several months, HCDE wireless access has been upgraded. The secure network is named "HCDE RADIUS" and is available in all locations. The new access points support the 802.11n standard, allowing 300Mbps maximum connection speeds while still allowing the older standards (802.11a, b, and g) to connect as well.

Please remember that wireless should only be used when a wired connection is not available or possible. Wired connections will always be faster and more reliable than wireless.

Connecting to HCDE RADIUS

HCDE RADIUS uses domain authentication. HCDE owned Windows computers connect automatically without using your domain account. Other computers, phones, tablets and devices require a domain user account to connect. In other words, connecting to HCDE RADIUS requires the same username and password that you use to log into your HCDE owned computer or access your email. When you change your password for email, you must remember to change the password saved on your wireless device to your updated password. It does not matter whether you connect to HCDE RADIUS using a personal computer, a tablet, a mobile phone or any other wi-fi device; neglecting to update the password stored in your device WILL result in frequent account lock-outs from password failures.

When connecting personal Windows computers and other devices to the HCDE RADIUS network, your domain account is used to verify your identity. Only faculty and staff have been granted access to connect non HCDE computers and devices to our wireless network. Students have not been granted this access. You should only use your domain username and password to connect devices you own. It is unacceptable to use your credentials to connect someone else’s computer or device to the network. Each time a connection is made, A log is generated. This log includes user information used to make wireless connections. An excessive number of devices connected through one user account will be noted.

Should your username and password be compromised, you should change your password as soon as possible. This will prevent anyone from using your information to connect to HCDE wireless, to logon to HCDE computers, or to access your HCDE email account.

Connecting a Personal Windows 7 Computer to the HCDE RADIUS Network

Connecting an Android Device to the HCDE RADIUS Network

Connecting an iPad or iPhone to the HCDE RADIUS Network

Connecting to HCDE Guest Wireless Network

If your HCDE owned Windows laptop doesn't automatically connect to HCDE RADIUS, connect the laptop to power and to the network with a network cable and reboot the computer. Login with your username and password and check to see if you are connected to the HCDE RADIUS network. Sometimes it might take more that one restart to get the necessary settings. Once you have successfully connected to wireless, you can unplug the network cable.