Responsible Use Policy For Internet & Electronic Mail Access

The Internet and email provides invaluable resources and communications to Hamilton County Schools staff and students. Employees and students accessing the Internet are representing the Hamilton County School System and therefore have a responsibility to use the Internet in a productive manner that meets the ethical standards of an educational institution.

Our goal is to provide Internet and e-mail access to facilitate resource sharing, innovation, and communication as a tool to promote educational excellence. As a condition of using Hamilton County Department of Education's telecommunications equipment, I understand that access to telecommunication networks (e.g., e-mail, the internet) is a privilege, and agree to abide by the Technology Responsible Use Policy.

The use of technology is an essential component of the school program and the educational process. The Hamilton County Department of Education will allow students and employees access to HCDE's wireless network using personally owned devices. The use of HCDE's network is a privilege not a right and may be revoked at the discretion of the administration. Therefore, it is important that students use their devices responsibly, respect the property of others, and demonstrate that this use benefits them academically and helps build good digital citizens.

The below referenced rules and conditions are specific to our district's BYOD program. All students and their parents must also read and sign the Technology Responsible Use Policy before the device will be allowed on the network. Failure to follow the Technology Responsible Use Policy or any of the Terms and Conditions for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) agreement may result in further disciplinary action.

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