Use of Facilities and Grounds


Policy Statement

The use of school facilities outside regular school hours is encouraged by the Hamilton County Board of Education, Superintendent, and the school principals for activities directly related to the school and community in which the school is located.
Rules and Regulations

  • All requests for the use of school facilities outside regular school hours shall be addressed to the building principal.
  • Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in public school buildings. Organizations renting school facilities shall be responsible for enforcing this regulation.
  • Special permission is required from the building principal (to be noted in the contract) for the sale of any concession items, i.e., candy, potato chips, sodas, etc.
  • School employees shall be in charge of all electrical equipment and arrangements. Alterations in electrical service and other facilities may be made when deemed feasible by the principal. When approved, such alterations shall be made by craftsmen from the school maintenance department with the cost of labor and materials paid by the organization renting the building.
  • A designated representative of the organization (principal-approved) shall be on duty for supervision at all times.
  • A contract for the use of school facilities is not transferable from one group to another.
    Special permission is required from the building principal before moving pianos or other heavy equipment.
  • The principal reserves the right to cancel a contract for use of facilities when such action is deemed necessary for the best interest of the school.
  • Dances sponsored by outside groups are not permitted in school buildings.
  • The use of gymnasiums shall be restricted to those activities that will not damage the floor.
  • The rental of a gymnasium does not include the use of school-owned athletic equipment or locker, shower, or dressing facilities, except as specifically permitted by the building principal.
  • The building principal shall require a certificate of insurance for verification of renter's liability coverage.
  • Parking on school property is at the owner or operator's own risk. Hamilton County Board of Education is not responsible for private vehicle damage or theft while parked on school property.

The school will send the Certificate of Insurance along with the signed and approved application, naming Hamilton County Department of Education, 3074 Hickory Valley Road, Chattanooga, TN 37421 as additionally insured and/or certificate holder. Send to: [email protected]

2023 Use of Facilities Agreement.pdf