HCDE Department of Federal Programs

Federal Programs: The Federal Programs Team supports schools and departments in the administration and distribution of Title, Priority, and 21st Century funds.  These programs support efforts to increase academic achievement for at-risk students including economically disadvantaged, homeless, immigrant, migrant, and English language learners.


21st Century Community Learning Center - Public Notice of Intent to Apply


Hamilton County Schools is seeking a new 21st Century Community Learning Center grant cohort. This cohort will be awarded on a five-year cycle. Schools that qualify as Title I schools or have at least 40% economically disadvantaged students are eligible to participate in the new grant cohort. This will be the last grant application for the next two years. The completed application must be submitted in eplan by April 1, 2024, and the application will be available in eplan starting February 1, 2024. If you are interested in participating in the new 21st Century cohort, please contact Maryo Beck, Federal Programs Coordinator, at 423-498-7101 or [email protected] no later than January 30, 2024